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Aging Discoloration Simulation of Exposed Wood Surface Colors

Takahiro Arai, Tomoaki Moriya, Nobutoshi Shimizu,Yuya Kaneko, TokiichiroTakahashi, Makoto Kiguchi, Yutaka Kataoka, Akio Yamaguchi, Tamaki Morita
IEVC 2017

  It is hard that building owners predict aging discoloration of wood surface colors before attempting to order a building using wood as exterior fences. Thus, a method to share predicted colors of wood aging discoloration among building owners and constructors is required. We derive a prediction equation for aging discoloration of wood surface colors by collecting colors of exposed woods scanned at fixed intervals and regression analyzing these images. And we propose a simulation method to generate aging discolored wood image by the prediction equation.




Tag: Takahiro Arai Nobutoshi Shimizu Yuya Kaneko IEVC

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